Thursday, 2 January 2014

Karma Awards Otherpool

(I have converted these from the American values to UK culture.)
(If you think this is a bit racist, immoral and oblique, I didn't invent this culture, England did.) 

Save People +20

Stop Baddies +30
Stop Foreigners +30
Protect The City+ 20

Local Conspiracy (Stop, Prevent or Carry Out) +50
National Conspiracy (Stop, Prevent or Carry Out) +40
Global Conspiracy (Stop, Prevent or Carry Out) +30

Rescue Hot Girls +30
Rescue Kids +40
Rescue Helpless Pets +50

Recruit for Uggly Face Clubb +30
Recruited By Uggly Face Clubb +100
Not Flaking On Mates +25
Skive On Mates -5
Skive Your Job +10
Get Fired -30

Stand Up To More Powerful Foe On Point Of Principal +50
Defeat Obviously Weaker Foe -40 (Bad Sport)
Look Sad On TV Post-Defeat (yours) +30

Role-Playing +5
Showing Off -10
Sarcasm +10
Irony +15
Undercutting Pomposity Of Superior Foe +30
Surreal Oddness In Dangerous Conditions +40

(US version had this all backwards, 5 points for humour and only one kind)

Commit Violent Crime -60
Commit Violent Crime Against Violent Criminals +60

Commit Destructive Crime -40
Commit Destructive Yet Hilarious Crime With No Casualties +40
Embarrassing Police +10
Killing Police -50
Robbery Of Normal People -40
Robbery Of Rich With No Casualties +40
Publicly Looking Cruel -30
Accidental Deaths Of Immigrants – no effect

Theft From Poor-20
Fancy Heist From Insured Corporation +30

Embarrass Government +20
Betray Country -90
Bullying -50
Allow Other Crimes - no effect

Destroy Property -5/Area
Public Defeat By Superior Foe –no effect
Public Failure, Ironic Quip +30
Private Defeat -20
Stiff Upper Lip +35

Death –no effect
Death (Borderline Cases) +50
Speak With Ghosts First Time +30
Experience Time-Slip +40
Create Imaginary Para-Reality +90
Leave Country -50 

Here are the original  U.S Heroic Versions

Karma Awards

Violent Crime (Stop or Prevent) 30
Violent Crime (Arrest) 1 5
Destructive Crime (Stop or Prevent) 20
Destructive Crime (Arrest) 1 0
Theft (Stop or Prevent) 1 0
T heft (Arrest) 5
Robbery (Stop or Prevent) 20
Robbery (Arrest) 1 0
Misdemeanours (Stop or Prevent) 0
Misdemeanours (Arrest) 5
National Offenses (Stop or Prevent) 20
National Offenses (Arrest) 10
Local Conspiracy (Stop or Prevent) 30
Local Conspiracy (Arrest) 15
National Conspiracy (Stop or Prevent) 40
National Conspiracy (Arrest) 20
Global Conspiracy (Stop or Prevent) 50
Global Conspiracy (Arrest) 25
Other Crimes (Stop or Prevent) 15
Other Crimes (Arrest) 5
Rescue 20
Five or more Rescues 100
Defeating Powerful Foe 30-100
Personal Commitment 5
Weekly Award 10
Personal Appearance +Pop Rank (Max of 20)
Act of Charity 10-40
Donation + Resource Rank
Role-Playing 10
Showing Off 15
Humour 5
Commit Violent Crime -60
Al low Violent Crime -15
Commit Destructive Crime -40
Allow Destructive Crime -10
Commit Robbery -40
Al low Robbery -10
Commit Theft -20
Allow Theft -5
Commit Misdemeanour -10
Allow Misdemeanour -5
Commit National Offense -40
Allow National Offense -10
Commit Other Crimes -10
Allow Other Crimes -5
Destroy Property -5/Area
Public Defeat -40
Private Defeat -20
Death -ALL
Death (Borderline Cases) -50
Failing Personal Commitment -5

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