Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A Year Is Just The Planet Falling To It's Death

Done this year

Finished Pariah's of Creation 1st draft. (44,360 words)

Made possibly-useless list of caves? (Its in the sidebar)

Tried Veins Encounter Table (failed)

Tried veins climbing scheme (failed)

Did Sky-Stone-River Place, experimental trial dungeon (free in the sidebar)

Invented Lanthanum Chromate, got reddited. (Possibly will be useful some day.(Lanthanum Chromate, not Reddit))

Quit my job around May.

Must have been either depressed in June, or working on Medusa Maze as not much blogging.

Did a month of requests (July)

Got depressed again in August (birthday) invented Cave Giants. made fun of Baudelaire.

Tried veins char sheet (failed)

Got featured in online Lit Magazine.

Finished Medusa Maze (46.556 words)

Thought about sculpture, hacking GW business model, 3d printing and remaking popular sculpture as an art form.

Did exo-suits of the hot girls. Possible future game.

Did Rumble City!

Started Otherpool in November (Irregular), did FASERIP D&D conversion rules, so that might be useful to someone, sometime.

Did a bunch of stuff for Jacob Hursts Swordfish Isles. Including quite good golem generator, ruins generator and elven rumours lists. (Isles is looking like quite an OSR miscellany, lots of people from our little clique in it.)

December/Jan Finished Deep Carbon Observatory for Zzarchov Kowalski (20,045 words)

So, words on finished projects 110,961. (AM I THERE YET MALCOM GLADWELL???)

Stuff to do;

By June to have finished 1st draft of publishable Veins Of The Earth


Lanthanum Chromate
Start Own Sculpture Company (cannot sculpt, no money)
Do 'rats in the tomb' (hot girls in mechs vs creatures from beyond time on starless exo worlds
Do some fiction (no money in rpgs)
Learn how to layout books
Learn how to make films.

(Oh and get real job so you don't die.)

That's about a year of stuff.


  1. Bigfoot porn is the way to go, Patrick.

    I'm going to be earning $30,000 a month writing Mothra erotica by this time next year - just you wait.

    1. Oh I'm gonna blackmail you so hard wiht that statement as soon as you run for Parliament

    2. That's okay - politicians are all about confronting us with their private lives nowadays (Cameron bakes bread and goes on instagram, Clegg has shagged 30+ women, Ed Miliband likes shit indie music from the 90s, etc.).