Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Corrugated Carton Box Maker and Rottery Slot Machine

gexhouse28 had this to say

    “Corrugated Carton Box Maker
    Rottery Slotter Machine”

Matthew Adams8 added his request

“Weird spam as the misunderstood rambling of a cosmic DM, we are all players. How does a corrugated carton box maker hunt its prey? What race created the Rottery Slotter Machine?”

He then made ANOTHER request which included this- “I have already posted a request (which was more of a joke in response to spam than a real request, so please ignore)”

Ha. Ha. Ha. But we are all players Matthew, we are all players.

How does a Corrugated Carton Box Maker hunt its prey?

It doesn’t hunt you. It boxes you in.

There is a crossroad, or a bridge or a fork in the road, and on it is a box. The box is small and white and pale pink. It looks a little like lacquered wood, or ivory. There are sounds. You hear giggling and shuffling, an awful snuffling, the box shifts, rocks back and forth.

The Box Maker is inside. The box is made from the bones and sinew of the last innocent person you met. If you open the box, the Box Maker will emerge and take you. If you do not open the box it will hunt a new victim, make another box, trace you and leave it waiting.

If you try to destroy the box, this makes the Box Maker angry and more powerful. It will leave, find another Box Maker and they will both start leaving boxes. If you stop meeting innocent people, it will kill the most innocent person.

Inside it looks like something bad, like paper but also something else. It’s folded in on itself like origami. Like a slinky, or a toon. Eyes rolling around its smooth hollow cylindrical face.  Paperthin flesh with shadows of bone and flat contact lens eyes the size of egg whites in the pan.

If it touches you one graze flattens you into paperflesh that explodes with blood and chunks of bone everywhere. Tubes and organs hanging out. Body stuff spurts out like something stamping on a sausage.

I don’t know what it is, but that is how it hunts.

What race created the Rottery Slotter Machine?

This huge ancient brass machine does little more than punch a harmless ‘Videodrome’-style vertical rectangular slot in your chest about the size of a bible-spine. The hole has no negative material effects straight away. The fleshlips can scar up and look a little bit like an insane damaged vagina, which can be upsetting for some people.

For the person in question this hole will act effectively as a bag of holding, but nothing very large will fit in there and you can sometimes feel objects rattling around inside.

The hole also gives easy access to your spirit. A bit like a catflap. Your soul can escape and go wandering, sometimes deliberately, sometimes not. Your soul is effectively a henchman now. Like a ghostly best friend. It has its own morale and can flee in spiritually troubling circumstances. (Has no fear of mortal danger, that’s your problem.) Your soul is generally as brave as you are but afraid of different things.

It can go wandering for you and do all kinds of things, but it is not physically real.

Once your soul starts wandering off on its own it can start to develop its own pseudo-personality. It can change form in silver shapes but always gives away your true alignment. Handily, it will tell you when you are in romantic love.

Your soul is a bit more religious than you, in a mildly trying way. If it goes missing it can often be found wandering round silent temple or hanging out with occultists. It’s really into the tarot and always reads its star sign predictions.

When your soul is absent, your morals very slowly decay into learned behaviour, then legalistic codes, then into Ayn-Rand style social chains devised by the weak to cripple the strong. Soulless people find it hard to do good, but, like the fans of Any Rand, they can’t really manage original or innovative evil either. They tend towards libertarianism and the neutral evils. Music sounds flat to them, religious writing or art no longer holds any numinous charge. Despite being rabid individualists, they are surprisingly easy to compel for the strong-willed. So long as they never feel the leash.

Your body is now easily possessed by outside forces, like leaving your car window open. Ghosts and psychics and deamons and the like will head straight for you if they know about the slot.

Originally intended as an imperial control mechanism and permanent surveillance tactic. Paired machine was Rottery Lock Machine. Used to seal spirits in with special lock so that only the authorities had access, could check and remove your soul if necessary. Would inform you of changes. Soul DRM essentially.

Used to feed 1000’s of people through both machines at a time, slot, then lock. The other machine is missing, presumed destroyed in a very violent revolution.


  1. these are delightfully horrible. Well the boxes definitely , the Rottery Slot Machine is kinda sweet, letting you have ghost you as a friend

  2. This is why kids find jack in the box so scary.
    And using your own slot as a bag of holding disturbed me more than it probably should.

    Thank you

  3. I've been occupied with my own stuff but I'm finally reading back through these requests.
    You make me happy Patrick. <3