Monday, 22 July 2013

Bunny World

My girlfriend asked for “a post-industrial bunny world where places are polluted and the bunnies have a social hierarchy that  revolves around vegetables because there is no longer enough fertile areas of land left to grow vegetables.”

The following bunny

1. Lord Hoppington
2. Vice Captain Nibbles
3. Doctor Flops
4. Lady Von Binks
5. The Marquis of poops
6. Professor Iscratchyou
7. Admiral Pawless
8. Baron White-belly
9. Madame Downey
10. Pontifex Thumps

Who is a fine example of a

1. Rex
2. Lop
3. Helicopter Lop
4. Dutch
5. Lionhead
6. Belgian Hare
7. Blue of ham
8. Dwarf
9. Angora
10. Harlequin


1. The Carrot Codex
2. The Crown of the Broccoli Baron
3. A Seduction in Strawberry
4. The Cabbage Contract
5. A Parsnip Inheritance
6. A Dandelion Dowry
7. The Pea-Pod Peerage
8. A Bell Pepper Birthright
9. The Truth about Turnips
10. Celery Investments

At –

1. Agreeable drinks under the rail sidings.
2. Polo in the belly of a crashed tanker.
3. Luncheon on an overgrown roof.
4. A wedding in the burrows under an abandoned factory.
5. A dinner party in a roofless overgrown shopping centre.
6. The theatre on a grassy bypass.
7. A garden party of the forested landing strip.
8. Unexpected elevenses in a soil-filled truck.
9. A race in the old smelting works.
10. A dance on a downed dirigible.

But may be prevented by

1. An embarrassing disclosure.
2. An unfortunate faux-pas.
3. The gossip of rivals.
4. The miscommunication of a boon.
5. A brute of a cousin.
6. A revealing joke.
7. Drink.
8. The unrequited love of a serving girl.
9. An incompetent butler.
10. The tyranny of an ancient dependant.


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  2. Replies
    1. I think we already have the PDF, Rosie (unsurprisingly) got me to find it ages ago.

      Man the early years of rpgs were crazy. And alliterated every time.

    2. I want to play it but PJ says that I have to read all the rules and get together people to play it with me and I think that perhaps given that I'm not an experienced nerder it would be wrong for me to lead it but he has enough of his own games. Also both of my real life rabbits are licking themselves right now. Does this game involve a lot of self licking? Because that could get awkward. Actually now that I've noticed Django is licking himself it is awkward. He's really into it. He's licking between his legs. I think he's self pleasuring. Uma just hopped away. I feel real uncomfortable.
      OH thanks god he stopped.
      p.s. thanks for the bunny song Zak.

  3. Oh dear lord so cute oh man, I've sent this straight to my Rose.
    If you ran this I would play it SO MUCH.