Thursday, 4 April 2013


Draft 1 Is done. For PDF click the picture. 

I shoud really dedicate this one to Zak Smith, David Weaver and  Phil Spitzer, who's time I wasted by dicking around and failing to manage my time properly.

(Oh its really fucking long, like 17 pages)


  1. I like it and am listening to Grieg's Piano Concerto in A minor op. 16 as I peruse it again. Some thoughts;

    Perhaps it is the music but the whole thing has the impression of one of those artsy stop-motion animation films with the peculiarly surreal and otherworldly character -a little bit cute and a little bit haunting.

    the voice like water pipes, the kamikaze dwarf king seeking his beard and the 2-D dog are all great images (though not the only ones).

    The monsters are characteristically off-the-wall strange to an extent that I don't think anyone else quite nails.

    Have you run any of this Veins stuff yet?

    1. Oh and find/replace duregar/duergar if you feel the need to cater to pedantic aspie types.

    2. Thanks Tom. I havent tested anything yet. Will look into the misspelled dwarves.