Saturday, 5 January 2013

Silichominids (and Mustela nigripes gigantica)


City-sized fragments of subducted crust, orbit slowly in the planets heart, dissolving in the magma-bath and falling to the core. In their slow and spindling fall these rock-bergs have cradled Silicon evolution.

Only in the deepest heat and force does silicon free it's bonds and approach the delicate complexity of known organic forms. The flesh of the Silichominids is woven from beryllium and aluminium, round heat-resistant Mica bones. They glow aquamarine-heliodor.

The only time you will encounter them is in the iron-and-diamond foot-thick heat suits they wear to enter outer space. Or to us, the Underdark.

The silicon ones are the only utterly innocent walkers of the deeper reach because they know nothing, not about caves, organic life, air or space. Imagine sheltered first-world tourists wandering around a refugee camp. They are friendly, unaware and almost impervious to harm. They are immune to almost all bayronic*1 magic’s. They are not even chemically alive in terms we understand so even power-word-kill doesn't work. If something should breach the brunel-style mega-corsetry of the suit, the result would be disaster. The dying body of the Silichominid would bomb-burst out in plasma form, cool to a kind of foetal-dying-magma-corpse, melt through everything in range, poison everything else with unbelievable toxins that can never be studied as they lose their atomic regularity even as they kill you, and, slithering like a solar-bright puddle-snake, sink into the crust. Which will take about three minutes. Everyone nearby will be dead.

They regard you as exciting and thrillingly authentic. Their attempts to communicate this may kill you.

Questions of the Silichominids

1- Can I taste your 'air'? (No.)
2- We love this 'metal' thing you do. Can you wrap it in >*solar-end-stage hyperdense materials from beyond the periodic tables edge< so we can take home? (No.)
3- It's so sad about the (roll a d4)

1 >fact that you will die in under a hundred revolutions<
2 animals though isn't it?
3 Music disappearing like >falling continental shelf-homes drifting to the planets iron core< instead of echoing endlessly like >the impact of the dinosaur-killing-comet that still shows up as background melody as it vibrates strangely through the magmatic flows a million years later<. But I suppose that makes is really mean something you know?
4 ethnic troubles yeah?*2

4- Do you think I could maybe move here? Like change my life ? (No.)
5- I'm thinking of writing a >vortex of selenium in liquid form*3< about my travels, would you read this for me? (No. Please. Get away from me my skin is cracking.)
6- Do you know where they have the weird drugs? (Yes.)

>*< Each phrase is a best-guess translations of a single 'word' of incomprehensible and terrifying gaseous/plasma coronal-language-ejections causing inadvertent seizures in nearby pensioners and animals.

1 Those from the baryonic universe.

2 They are locked in a billion-year war with primordial frost-giant descendants driven out of Asgard for control of crust-bergs in hyper-dimesional magma-space. War has killed millions. Will never end. They do not regard this as the same thing as you stabbing a Drow over religion*4.

3 'Book'

4 The Drow's religion involves killing you because you are >subhuman<.

Blackfoot Gigaferret

Mustela nigripes gigantica

'Oh hai' (I am hunting youuuuuuu)

The real Blackfoot ferret has a very particular hunting tactic. It sneaks into a prairie-dog warren in the night. Finds a prairie-dog sleeping away from it's fellows. Moves silently upon it, then, very gently, it reaches out and taps it on the shoulder exactly three times.

The prairie-dog wakes up. The ferret bites its throat out. I shit you not, this really goes on.

'It's spine is so flexible that within a tight tunnel it can simply roll and walk back over it's own hind quarters as though made of rubber.'

The real thing can smell a burrow entrance under three feet of snow and is one of the few predators that is made to eat prey bigger than it is.

The Gigaferret hunts men. Weighs less, is a bit longer. Can be white but may simply be trogloxene, that is part cave-dwelling part not, on a long long, very patient hunting expedition. It will follow you and wait for you to sleep. Then 'tap tap tap'.

When it drags your body off it will pull you bent double into a narrow cleft, head and feet facing each other and sticking out for your friends to find, then eat you from the other end.

Skull-foot combo's sticking out of cracks is a good sign that a Gigaferret is about.

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