Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Megadungeon Hinterland (IRAQ?????)

Has anyone ever done a Megadungeon, set somewhere in the wilderness, where the amount of gold and treasure and crap that the party brings up, and the gradually increasing security as they bring down the monster population, ends up creating a kind of shantytown development on the surface? And then a real town, one whose initial source of capital is from a lost culture in the distant past. (Or from a fucking magical dimension?)

Like a gold rush town but with the PC's at the main economic movers? 

(Also weird thought, small groups of experts fighting to increase security and then spending loads of gold with local population is essentially counterinsurgency theory?)

Has anyone ever done a megadungeon where you start off trapped in the underdark and have to fight your way to the surface, square by square?

And also, in economics, has anyone though about what happens when one culture acquires and buries wealth. Then a millennia later a bunch of graverobbing scallies come and steal it? What does that count as? A natural resource?

Have economists thought about the Belloq factor, like how something gets more valuable just because its been hanging around a long time:-


Is a megadungeon like an oil field being robbed, like Iraq or a cultural museum that's being looted for ready cash, like Iraq, or a counterinsurgency problem, like Iraq or what?

So I have juut talked myself into seeing Megadungeons as a metaphor for the Iraq war, or visa versa, fucking hell.

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