Tuesday, 1 May 2012

He would have been an interesting DM.

Carl Maria von Clausewitz on, in the first paragraph, the consequences of rapid mutual improvisation, and in the second, table chatter.

I changed the word 'war' for 'game or gaming'.

The italics are his, he barely uses them for the whole book, then spews them all out in the space of one paragraph.

But wild as the nature of gaming is it still wears the chains of human weakness, and the contradiction we see here, viz. That man seeks and creates dangers which he fears at the same time, will astonish no-one.
If we cast a glance at gaming history in general, we find so much the opposite of an incessant advance towards the aim, that standing still and doing nothing is quite plainly the normal condition of a table in the midst of a game, acting, the exception.”

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