Thursday, 19 December 2019

Solar Wind

I have been packing books all day and I will be busy as hell over christmas, so here is something nice to look at while I'm away. 

Rambled into a charity shop a few days ago and stumbled upon this book Solar Wind, a collection of the images of Peter Andrew Jones.

Buy it here.

Guy did a lot of book covers in the 70s and early 80s.

Someone who I knew nothing about but who it turns out I really like, especially if I can get the book for £3.00!

Lucid Dreams

The Female Man
Not sure if this is what Joanna Russ had in mind but fuck it! Alien femdom!

From Inferno

A Canticle for Leibowitz

Neural Atrocity

The Zap Gun
I really like how the logic of a machine has warped into this insane chimera of form.

The Black Beast

King Kobold

The Complete Enchanter


  1. The last two feel very Rodney Matthews. On another note, I love that Canticle for Leibowitz cover. That was the one I read and reread as a teen.

  2. Oh man. My dad had those copies of Canticle and Enchanter. Those covers are burned into my childhood brain. Thanks for the hit of nostalgia!

  3. Very atmospheric. These would make great color schemes for miniatures, away from the "model railroad" realism many wargamers are stuck in.

  4. Extremely powerful 70s vibes, thank you.

  5. last one was cover for '80s White Dwarf mag .. feelin' old

  6. I have got the last two books with those covers. Sadly the contents don't justify the brilliant art.

  7. Two of those (Neural Atrocity and The Complete Enchanter) were in a book I was given as a teenager called Masterpieces of Fantasy Art, along with a few Boris Vallejo (though I was really as much of a fan, he seemed to be obsessed with buttocks, which isn't necessarily bad, but mostly his own buttocks). Wish I still had it.

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