Thursday, 14 November 2019




You heard me! Everbody gets a genre!

Click the Expanding Mind Meme Image to generate your personal post-O.S.R splinter faction.

Then war in comments over who is real!

Old time are become new again!

Also - Remember LAST GASP? Still around!


  1. Old Gygaxian Small Brow.

    (this is correct. Thankyou for this gift)

  2. Dungeon Gygaxian Necro Choice? Not for me, thanks! I've always been a fan of Ante Improvisational Small Cult!!

  3. >Anti Basic BX Cult

    1981 was the year D&D died. WotC repeated the betrayal by not basing 3/4/5E directly on the Chainmail rules. If you want to design an RPG, design a wargame first.

  4. Post BX Baroque Craft

    'I want my RPGs small and handmade, but also deeply ornate. This is only possible in a world after the first flowering of D&D.'

  5. Replies
    1. I think you got mine, in several different ways.

      Pistols at dawn?

  6. Trans Player Sausage School

    This got *too* sexy *too* fast

  7. Hyper Improvisational Super Style (HISS)

    that... sounds like the OSR? a super-style over all these other ones, focused on improvisation

  8. Weird Working Class Fantasy or Highbrowpunk, depending if it's LotFP or Mutant Future/Troika/Into the Odd I'm writing for.

  9. Post Critical Baroque Goth? I can probably work with this.

    1. Ooh, I'd love to see that.

      ::queues She Sells Sanctuary::


    yes this hole was made for me

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Dungeon Original SPAM Game? That's exactly what I write!

  12. Post arneson anti-punk here—At last I understand my place in the great chain of being!

  13. Replies
    1. Lol I already have a nemesis, go to LA & fight him to take the spot.

  14. Intra Basic Anti Core... Definitelly something id dig

  15. Post Cyclopedic Toy Core

    I have statted all my action figures up to level 30, get it on !

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  17. Trans Shade Box school, which, obviously, is the best school (once I decide what it means).

  18. Post Arneson Sword C.R.E.A.M.

    By god, you're absolutely right

  19. Neo Core F.A.I.L. Praxis

    This is too accurate

  20. Hyper Cyclopedic QUERY Punk

    And I am The Real™.

  21. "Post-Monstrous Anti-Fantasy"
    Oddly accurate.

  22. Makes a great band name generator too:

    "Inverted Dice Sausage Cult"

  23. "Post Box Super Game."

    No matter what you do, it must not involve boxes.

  24. Ooooooh . . . random generators . . . I got that BABC!


    As the chairman and sole member of the Bi Arneson Baroque Choice faction (B.A.B.C.F.) aka the Don't Give Up the Gondola Brigade (D.G.U.T.G.B.) I would like to state unequivocally for all you Holmes Basic cats that we like to put the A to Z back into D&D (AD&DZ for those following along at home).

    We have 4 assertions:

    a (a single melody)

    Napoleonic Simulation Campaign IS the game, and was always the game. The fixation on Blackmoor assumes that the resultant murder-hobos are anything but reskinned gunboats.

    I quote, from Whitwer's Empire of the Imagination : "The Arneson-run Napoleonic Simulation Campaign notably combined two formerly disparate elements of wargaming : first, diplomatic strategy and negotiation, and second, an associated rules structure to fight battles using tabletop naval miniatures."

    Once this initial breakthrough was achieved, no substantive changes were wrought up til present day.

    You are a vessel on water.

    b (continuous rhythmical drive)

    The catharsis from searching for rules (and either finding them, or not finding them) creates an electrical field in play : an ambiguity not unlike the vagaries of open ocean - which while you can master to some extent also has its own agenda.

    Although pausing to paw a rulebook certainly interrupts play, a skilled referee running the most convoluted system will jettison said rules as soon as they become a hindrance. The improvisation at the heart of the enterprise is a direct result of the Arnesonian notes-jumble, not a feature that persists despite the mishmash.

    Saint Gary erred not in trying to model too many little fiddly bits, but rather to attempt to combine all systems into one Ur system - or "book". The modularity of rpgs is their strongest suit : let the 3-ring binder bind your Isaac - maybe the thing you need is under that pile of papers : but if not, at all costs keep swimming Dr. Shark.

    c (balance of homophony and polyphony)

    The layman might believe that many systems creates complexity : rather, they creates simplicity as you employ purpose-driven tools after your objective. Although we DISAGREE with the assertion, incessantly pushed by a certain individual not to be named, that ALL relevant information should be ON THE MAP, there is great utility in the information being at the point of use.

    These systems should be available to all the players, however, no matter how clumsily they implement them. The DCC style dice chain or the like is a good instrument : sure the thief can pick the lock 25% of the time - but even Old Skeeter the Wizened can have a go, although maybe he needs to roll a natural 20.

    or better yet make it card flipping : the thief has to match the color but Skeeties the number.

    d (adding and subtracting instruments)

    To circumvent the vagaries of dice rolling, players should be able to manipulate the situation to one where the rules work to their advantage. They should CHOOSE.

    Take combat.

    Vs Klog the Breaker of Elephants, for instance - he half elephant himself - burly, big ears. Tusks.

    In the Players Handbook there are systems for :

    i Melee
    ii an Assassination Table
    iii Psionic Combat

    Let alone magic and various other sneaky stuff like backstabs

    add the DMG's Unarmed Combat and even Oriental Adventures Martial Arts, or even later innovations, such as DCC's Spell Duels,

    and you have a bunch of tools you could use to Un-Elephant the Breaker, without resorting to casting your d20 by Broadsword +1 against his -2 AC. Hey Klog, how about we WRESTLE? I just so happen to have a toe that dipped in water won't let me be pinned. Or maybe you'd like to have a drinking contest with this fine Falernian wine.

    And always remember, YOU choose what. Don't Give Up the Gondola. The yellow death apes certainly won't let you back on.

  25. But if we all get to do what we want, how will people scold me when I’m not playing exactly the way they tell me to? There’s gonna be a lot of sore SJWs

    1. Don't bring unprovoked culture war shit into my comments again. It tires me.

  26. Hyper Player Small Knack?

    No idea what that means, but it almost makes sense, somehow.

  27. Hyper Monstrous Anti Fantasy?

    I can't even!

    Well okay, how about Lovecraftian entities putting on meat suits, passing for human and living ordinary lives while striving not to engage in the bizarre alien behaviours that come naturally to them.

    Definitely not instigating or particpating in any cults and other related shenanigans, just keeping their noses clean.

  28. 2nd try, cause I'm greedy!

    Para Gygaxian Toy Kunst

    Classless science-fantasy game where PCs are modelled on an action figure or similar toy and each level represents an additional feat or skill that a PC can perform.

  29. Sub Box Small Core
    Sounds like a pretty small niche indeed.

  30. Old Player Anti School


    Stop your bickering and play the damn game. And hey off my lawn!