Friday, 24 May 2019

FotVH PLAIN TEXT PDF available for Pay What You Want

Continuing our policy of releasing infinite versions of the same thing, we now have a Plain Text PDF of Fire on the Velvet Horizon available on Drivethru for Pay What You Want.

Check out these graphics;

This is down to the ever-wonderful David Cinabro, who put this together on his own, without prompting. 

If you already have the hardcopy and can barely read it due to our inexperience with layout at the time, then feel free to pay nothing for this version. In any other circumstances then your decision as to its value lies only between you and the Lord.

(David does get a cut of the PDF sales yes.)


  1. Randomly came here to set up a feed and BOOM dreams do come true. Now I can read this on my kindle. Too bad for my players, and the giant monster spreadsheet I made.