Tuesday, 29 May 2018

I officially don't give a fuck.

Its real fucking late and I'm real fucking tired so read this with that in mind.

If you know what this is about, then fine, if not, its fucking bullshit culture drama, have fun googling.

I don't think I've ever blocked, censored or recommended people not work with someone, ever. Even fucking Zak.

If someone's on my blogroll that means I can be reasonably sure of clicking on that link at any time and finding something that doesn't make me depressed.

If thinking about you depresses the fuck out of me then I'm not going to put you up there.

Informational feudalism might be a thing but you have no automatic right to my respect. You really shouldn't care about it anyway.

It doesn't work like that, it's not a corporation. You can't make people like you just by 'putting the work in'. You have to actually be interesting, at least to someone. And if you are interesting to someone other than me then cool.

When I walked away from Zak I was afraid that people would stop coming to my blog, did it anyway. No regrets.

I don't hustle and I don't climb. I know a lot of you do because either you think you have to, or you are just businesslike and you put yourself forward because its responsible or whatever. And if you come at me like that, straight on, 'hey you've got a project, do you need layout' or stuff like that, then I'm not going to resent you for it.

And I'm not gonna get pissed at you for using a book I made to play games.

Or even if its like, a handful of blog posts.

Or actual plays. Or even just tearing it apart. Or just doing something original and interesting with it.

And I have no right to ask anyone to stop creating with my stuff, and I have no real desire to make any one stop.

But I can choose what I pay attention to.

I like what I like, what I desire and enjoy is mine before its anyone elses, regardless of how people  view the informational power structure around me.

Let it also be noted that I don't shit on people and humiliate them in public. Or feed drama. I will continue to not do that.

I don't owe you a fucking link. No-one does.


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    1. When friendship and OSR camaraderie fails, you can always count on the friendliest people on the internet, spambots.

    2. Who ever said AI could have no sense of irony??

    3. That just made my day. I might even skip my next coffee.

  2. A lot of this is blown out of proportion, and from looking at the whole hullabaloo as dispassionately as possible, you're well within in your rights (people tend to divorce intent and action the more readers a blogger has; everyone prunes their blogroll, whether in small or large batches).

    The pseudo-vaguebooking (that you've stated to despise before) doesn't help your case in the court of public opinion, and its easy to confuse orneriness derived from fatigue with orneriness derived from arrogance.

    Hope you're in a good head-space Patrick, you're one of the goodies; i dont envy you dealing with the teapot-tempest that comes from a disconnect like this.

  3. I don't know what is this all about, but know this man, I love your books and your work on this blog. Know that, whatever is happening, I feel like you make good stuff that change the way I do RPG. Thank you very much and keep the good work. Cheers!
    PS: someone can direct me to some link or whatever that can make me understand what is this fuss about? Thanks.

  4. He has tons of original stuff to say, both in regards to Veins and plenty of other stuff. And in fact I trying to get one of my local stores here in Vancouver to reorder your book partly because of his coverage. So ya, you don't owe anyone anything, but I think you're doing both yourself and him a disservice.

    Also I luv your work and I luv his work so don't fight it'll make me cry 😢

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I don't think anyone (including Skerples) would say that you owe him a link. I don't think that he was expressing annoyance at being removed at all. I think he was asking to see if he'd upset you and was really disappointed to hear that you were annoyed by him making use of your stuff.

    Also you might not find what he's doing with Veins interesting, but it doesn't seem fair to say that it's not original. You must've liked his content enough to have a link up before, so I have to wonder what is so different about this that has soured you on his content so much?

    Anyway... You both produce great, enjoyable stuff and I'm sad to see drama erupt over something like this.

    (Ah crap, I just wanted to edit my comment a bit, I didn't realise it would leave a honking great 'this comment has been removed by the author' comment)

  7. Patrick, I love yours and Skerples' work, it is a shame that this "feud" happened. Hope you both don't get too distressed with this shit.

    Nevertheless, continue your good work! Being a creator is hard and strenuous for the soul. I'm reading Murakami and he says that his healthy lifestyle is exactly to balance the toxins from writing. Well, good energies for you!

  8. Hey, you make some of the best stuff. I wish you weren't so mean to one of the other best dudes. Oh well, get better, angry dude.

    I love your books. Thank you.

  9. If any kind of content causes any negative feeling to any person, the person has an absolute right to disengage from said content as a self-preservation, without owning anything to author of the content or giving any explanation. You did the right thing in a proper way as the link was removed quietly and there was no message send, no other action taken, no attention drawn to the fact.

    After I sat on it a couple of days, I can say that to me Skerples' post as it is now is fairly despicable to their person, because (due to what seem to be hurt, misunderstanding and wounded feelings resulted from thereof) it tries to publicly present, with zero evidence of such intent or behavior, as a Menace to Community what is essentially a simple right of anybody to maintain their digital space as they seem fit. It looks especially jarring when people perceive your reaction to be an act of active suppression while in the fact your opinion was entirely private and, most importantly, internally private before Skerples specifically asked about it and then put it on a spotlight in a crooked frame, subsequently making this explanation to appear.

    I respect your position and honesty about it even if it is sad to me that no more Veins content from you will happen in the future.

  10. For what it's worth I bought Veins in the Earth because of Veinscrawl (which mentioned it prominently on the first page or so).

  11. I can understand your reaction, and his disappointment - sorry to see this end up with the both of you upset.

    1. This! I hope everyone involved gets better soon.

  12. Patrick, you are on my short must-buy list, and my group doesn't even roll much OSR. I just crave the the vision and inspiration you provide: I must have read your D7 Doppelganger and Fungal Ambassodiles posts 100s of times before "Veins" was out. (In all fairness, I love Skerples' work as well.) I hope that soon this too passes, and you are feeling better.

  13. Take a fucking nap, dude. This whole drama is so messed up, I'll probably have to blog about it.

  14. I'm going to invent a role playing game about roleplaying game blogerati and the different classes will be the different stylerati who publish their roleplaying game blogs...
    There wont be hit points. There will be high ground points and subscribe points and follower points and.... well you get the picture.

    Word for the day: spat

  15. P.S. I'm still crying over the loss of Dungeon of Signs and Hill Cantons...

    I continue to drink your tasty Artini shaken and stirred Mister Patrickery especially this publication False Machine. Cheers.