Tuesday, 4 April 2017

New Velvet Horizon and Swordfish Islands

New Fire on the Velvet Horizon Edition! (^o^)丿

  • Thicker photography-quality paper with deeper blacks and stronger colours.
  • A few more extra pages in the appendix.
  • Hardcover! You can beat a burglar to death with it!
  • Looks posher and more expensive, therefore leading people to treat its numerous imperfections as complex aesthetic choices rather than just stupidity on our part.
  • Link is HERE. Or just click on the images below.

Old version.
New Version.

Old on the left, new on the right. My bed in the background.

Old on the right, new on the left.

Swordfish Islands Kickstarter is Live (^▽^)

Click to go there.

I'm in this! I did some work on the rumour table for the city, the ruin generator and a weird bit of text about the elementals. No idea how much of that is still in there but take a look and see if you might like it.


  1. Is the print size larger in the new FotVH?

    Had a really hard time reading the old due to Middle-Age Problems. The book was beautiful as an art object, though.

    1. Sorry man, still the same size print. If you email me I can send you a plain-text version you can read at your preferred font size though/

  2. Is the text sharper in this edition? I had some trouble with my Lulu copy because the text is more gray than black and some of it is a bit blurry.

    My Lulu copy also had problems with the edges of the text being cut off by the image being printed slightly off the page. Lulu's print placement and margins have some pretty loose tolerances.

    1. The edges thing should definitely be fixed. The text thing I am not sure about.

  3. I want this, but I was hoping for larger text.

  4. Good Evening Patrick,
    I just bought the Fire on the Velvet Horizon Hardcover from Peecho. Its glorious, but I too also have a hard time reading some of the text. Would it be possible for you to send me the text version as well? Thank you for your time and effort.