Monday, 24 October 2016

Wirral Pictures

Went for a walk in Wirral and a cycle path just off a strange and isolated station lead me to the kind of industrial wierdscape that pretty much defines the Wirral. Was old natural wilderness, then farmed, then becomes strange industrial wilderness in the lee of Birkenhead.

This wasn't on the path but there was no sign to say not to go there.. 

The sound of cars rushing overhead was continual.

The place was utterly and overwhelmingly empty of life. Reminded me of that Ballard story where a guy falls into a kind of gap in the motorway and there's no way out so he lives there like its an island.

Which reminds me, there's a roundabout where the New Chester Road meets the Rock Ferry bypass, and there's a copse of trees on it. I wandered into it while exploring and an angry man and woman came out & scared me off. I'm pretty sure they live there in the trees. 

This bridge leads into Bidston Moss, a long time ago this was a swamp entered by a bridge of whalebone jaws, smugglers would use it to move goods away from a pub called 'Mother Redcaps' which had a confirmed trapdoor just inside its entryway and secret passages. Bidston Moss became a landfill in the 1970's and since then has been re-purposed as a nature wilderness. A giant fucking hill made of trash covered with trees.

There's another hill near Port Sunlight which was originally a giant tanker for 'Operation Pluto', then also became a landfill, then also became a giant hill that was also a park.

Always drop an obelisk I guess. I mean, why wouldn't you?


  1. We used to go to Mother Redcap's when I was in primary school, I think when the teacher got bored and it was sunny. It is now an old folks' home, which is weird.

  2. "Industrial Weirdscape"-very cool term. Could describe a lot of places here in Post-NAFTA Rust Belt Illinois.

  3. Every weird landscape needs a troll^

    Cool urban exploration. Thanks.

    1. It is tempting to leave a comment by a Troll underneath a picture of a bridge, but... no. I cast Protection from Evil!