Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Every Character I've Played That I Can Remember

I've only been doing this for about 6 years so this might actually be all of them.

  1. Two aliens in a game of Traveller based on a video game. One a talky academic type, the other a vacuum suited engineer. I think these were the first.
  2. Noble german officer in Zombie-ruined WWII USSR. Cant remember name. Shot I think. Played a young girl after that.
  3. DAMODAR! - Brave trident-armed fighter who died in the dwarven ruins in the Mountains of the Moon above Silash Vo. Very stupid and very brave. Canonically I think the first Player Character to die in Yoon-Suin.
  4. Anil of Manpac - Cleric of MANPAC. Kind of misogynist or, at least, troubled. Eunach. Multiversal traveller. Last seen wandering the Gorgolith with a gigantic siege tower made of bone. Presumed still at large.
  5. Tsukba - Samurai spymaster of the Black Phoenix clan. Betrayed by WORTHLESS HONOURLESS COLLEAGUES.
  6. Basemeth Armstrong - Pseudo-mormon gunslinger. Creationist. Iron will. Coat of the Apocalypse. Presumed still alive somewhere in the old west.
  7. Porfiry Petrovitch - From dark alter-reality sci-fi liverpool. Shot to bits. Probably dead. Can't remember exactly. He killed that girl. Kind of a bad guy.
  8. His sister the cop. Shot but ended up in hospital. Still alive. red hair.
  9. Somalian pirate girl from dark alter-reality sci-fi liverpool. Survived. Last seen firing a rocket launcher into a church.
  10. Papa Quebec - A cleric of something. Possibly christ. Assumed at-large in places unknown.
  11. I think there was a Papa Sierra as well, not sure what happened to him.
  12. Chemical Jack - Drug addicted rogue. Devotee of the 52 pages. Still at large somewhere in the multiverse.
  13. Urtlan hiCharsha - Priest of Thumis. From Tekumel. Presumed still at large after escaping undead dinner party.
  14. Vasken Hoarder - Two goblins standing on each others shoulders and pretending to be the same person. Fighter. Weapon was a plank. Survived a surprisingly long time before being killed.
  15. Ursula - Would be party leader in the investigation of the Tale of the Scarecrow. Alchemist. As her very first action in the game she poisoned herself by mistake by eating evil coin. Was dragged through rest of adventure but dies before its end.
  16. Orve Heuzengork - Specialist or 'Artifex'. Last seen in the Nathanverse, trying to get back rights to her bar.
  17. Orchard Blackbright - Magic User. Creepy evil ex-carpenter bastard with an evil book, product of the Lore of Lamentations. Still at large somewhere.
  18. Amy Dreel - Extremely good looking, intelligent, but quite physically weak fighter. Was briefly mind and body swapped with elf but returned to normal eventually. Still at large. Hope she's ok, I liked her.
  19. Kulkblaser Monsterhole - Half-inuit rogue. Veteran of the frozen north and renowned cheese merchant. Managed to briefly seduce a succubus and fought her giant slime ogre to a standstill in thrilling one-on-one combat before being failed by IDIOTIC COLLEAGUES during hostage negotiation. His treasures are still there somewhere beneath an isolate island in the southern ocean.
  20. Pirate Woman with 18 STR who I perversely made a Magic-User as 'that's more interesting'. Stepped on by a giant in the Gorgolith whilst trying to steal his hat. Cant remember her name but it was based on a blog-comment Captcha
  21. Simal - Drow Barbarian fangirl. Travelled dimensions to a giant mushroom where she leapt into the mouth of a gigantic beast beneath the earth (or at least, beneath the surface of the mushroom.
  22. Subal - Wolf polymorphed into a man. Magic User. Escaped the death of his colleage Simal and last seen in a trans-planar airship of some kind. Presumed still at large.
  23. Li Bao - Ancient Chinese 'Drunken Immortal' taoist philosopher monk transported through realities to the Crime Syndicate version of America. First super her he encountered was Superman, whom he subsequently defeated (or deluded really, but he survived.)
  24. Zengar of Strongtown - Void Monk of Centarra. Shot to death but froze his body in time at the moment of death, fell to the bottom of a canyon in Centerra. Probably still there.
  25. Herman Shultz - Die Schochker. Jew Terrorist Number One in dark-nazi-future Vornheim New York. Still just about alive despite encountering sexy girls underground.
  26. 'Fiddlin' Joe Cooper - Thief. Multerversal traveller. Currently living with his baby mamma in Osc Leth (or possibly Osc Lithicum) somewhere in the Vornwelt, or Gorgolith. The highest-level survivor and the only one to successfuly start a family and retire.
  27. Jennifer Pipes - Barbarian. Multiversal traveller. Stabbed to death by Sea Elves on the Gorgolith during failed hostage negotiations.
  28. Monomi - Monk in dark-ages Hokkaido. Currently alive, just, thanks to NPC.

  • Male - 17/18
  • Female -  10
  • Red Hair - 3, all female.
  • Killed by Zak - 3 (it felt like more)
  • Effectively Evil - Only Porfiry really.
  • You Got Some Misogyny On You There Buddy - 3
  • Would-Be Machiavellian Manipulators - 7
  • Likeable Free Spirits - 5
  • Non-Human - 3
  • Intelligent Cockroach/Scarabs - 1


  1. oh wait now it's only 3?

    That's like barely any

  2. So, are these from completed campaigns, or every game you've played? I've been playing for about 15 years, and I only have a handful of characters from completed campaigns. Most of the DM's in my area, including myself, suffer from game ADD. So, the majority of games I've played in have only lasted long enough to become interesting, then someone gets bored and tries to change things up. Also, I bought the PDF version of the Blue Medusa, yet again incredible writing. Still working on a 'magic potion' to improve my creativity to your level. I can only get a hold of cold medicine and household cleaners. My potion has only succeeded in giving me seizures and psychotic fugues...

  3. I've played about 40 or 50 characters in Deadlands alone, during a single campaign that I played between 1998 and 2005, I don't think I can possibly remember them all, and I've been gaming (in general) since 1985... way too many to remember.

  4. Did Damodar have blue lips, bad acting, and a penchant for smiling very creepily?

  5. Did Damodar have blue lips, bad acting, and a penchant for smiling very creepily?