Tuesday 8 July 2014

Deep Carbon Observatory Released!

The adventure written by me and Scrap Princess, with art by Scrap, laid out by Alex Mayo and brought into being at the command of Zzarchov Kowalski, has finally been cleared for release on RPG.now thanks to the efforts of a nice man called Chuck.

We have to wait for RPG.now to clear a print copy which might take a while, but as soon as it does we will make the available.

Click the image to go to its page.


Its a quest adventure that takes you from a ruined town, through a strange Ballardian transformed landscape, the ruins of an ancient civilisation to the Deep Carbon Observatory itself, an abandoned relic of ancient science, hanging in the darkness beneath the earth, haunted by something terrible.

It is strange.

Most of the monsters and almost all of the treasure is original. There are a few D&D classic standbys thrown in.

Scrap and I are partners so we are splitting the roylaties 50/50.


  1. Two of my favourite people that I've never physically touched. I'm excited about this.

  2. Yeah, alright--you sold me. I mean, the adventure. To me. I mean...well, I'm not sure. I'm gonna go watch the trailer again...

  3. I think your video just made some acid I took in 1997 kick in.

  4. So...when can we expect deep carbon observatory: The movie? Perhaps you need a kickstarter to fund the script.

  5. Is the cause of the Dam's Rupture ever explained? I'm running the DCO right now and the players are slowly but surely making their way to the Dam, and I hope I can provide a satisfactory explanation.

    1. Not in the original, in the new version its inferred that the witch in Pollnagollum is an Underworld Agent and maybe did something to it.

      In real life, dams often fail because the weight of water presses down the water table into the stone beneath and this slowly dissolves gypsum deposits in the rock, making it unstable. So you could try that?

    2. Both are very adequate explanations, thanks!