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5E MANPAC background.


Some of you may know a little about MANPAC already. Here is a 5e background for those who worship him.

You gain proficiency in Religion and Intimidation

You know Yoo-Suin Trade Tongue.

You gain a set of, and proficiency with, either:
Chefs Tools or Butchers Knives or Drug Paraphernalia


A Holy Symbol of MANPAC.
Ribbons of silk showing maps of unknown mazes visited in dreams.
Knife, Fork and Plate.
A bag full of fist sized ROUND FOODS, oranges, dumplings etc. (Each of these can be used as a symbol of MANPAC and Divine Spell Focus.)
A pack of cigarettes.


There are many strange gods in the theology of MANPAC, your cult recognises one particular Saint, God, or being as an intercessor with, or enemy of, MANPAC

1. The Blue Hog. The Spiked One is a messenger who moves so fast he cannot be seen.
2. The Man Of Pipes. This Cthonic Deity manages the endless flows of water deep beneath the earth. All things come to him eventually. His tread is feared.
3. The Prince of Ash. This maniacal and amoral hunter wanders the earth, trying to trap one of every kind of being.
4. The Tower Beast. This ancient titan keeps watch from his mountaintop perch. He sees all and challenges heroes to climb his mountain and throw him down. None have.
5. He Who Rebounds. This neutral god waits outside reality, playing his endless game balancing out the impulses of the physical world.
6. The Sleeping Bard. If woken, the Bard in Green becomes increasingly brave and heroic. But always falls asleep at the end of each adventure.
7. Giygas. He is outside all, he is beyond all, you cannot comprehend the form of his attack.
8. Shedinja. This hovering empty shell of an insect saint is neither ghost nor flesh.

Feature. Known by the Hungry, Feared by the Dead.

You know the creed of MANPAC and will be offered hospitality and aid by his temples and priests. MANPAC is considered a 'Good' deity in Yoo-Suin but is not well known in other lands. As your adventure continues, you will also become as infamous to the Undead as you are famous to the living. Any bonuses to CHA or reputation you gain for good deeds will be as powerful with intelligent Undead as with the living, except in the opposite direction. As you are loved by the living you will be feared by the dead.

(Should you become a heretic of MANPAC, the opposite is also true.)

d8 Personality Trait

1. The truth comes to me in dreams. I do what my dreams tell me to do.
2. I'm relentless. Ever forward. Like MANPAC! FORWARD!
3. I never directly confront evil, I let it pass, then stab it in the back.
4. I know reality is a trap I must decode, defeat and escape.
5. I know each problem has a particular solution, encoded in a single object.
6. I hear sirens screaming during danger, this makes it hard for me to hear my friends.
7. The darker it is more I feel the urge to run. Racing through the darkness. I stumble in the day.
8. I continually open and close my mouth without realising it.

d6 Ideal

1. The Maze. This world will soon be done. Long term social compacts have no meaning.
2. Food. Starvation is a tool of the ghosts. The starving must always be fed.
3. THE TRUE FAITH. I must tell people about MANPAC. I must tell everyone.
4. His Will. I am destined to cleanse the deep places of the earth.
5. Eat The Ghosts. Undead are the true evil. ALWAYS side with the living against the dead.
6. The Four. All evil forces interconnect into one giant conspiracy. They just wear different masks

d6 Bond

1. I will punch through time and space and come face-to-face with MANPAC himself.
2. My parents were murdered and returned as hungry ghosts. A cleric of MANPAC consumed them, and saved me.
3. A great famine killed almost everyone in my province, they came back as zombies. I will grow strong enough to destroy them all.
4. I was captured and tortured near to death by dungeon dwellers. MANPAC came to me in my dreams.
5. I was raised by cannibals but 'rescued' as a child. I seek to find them still.
6. I must cleanse a huge dungeon and transform it into a temple IN HIS NAME.

d6 Flaw

1. I am a compulsive Eater. Eat it! EAAATT IIIITTT!
2. I obsessively attack undead whenever I can.
3. I refuse to map underground. MANPAC will guide me.
4. I think vomiting is a terrible sin.
5. The dead should be eaten, to prevent them coming back as ghosts.
6. SECRET HERETIC. I seek to aid the ghosts! No-one must know.

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