Sunday, 27 October 2013

I got bored writing that questionnaire

 so I did this instead. This is what you find in my FASERIP alternate liverpool.


all the buildings are TALLER, three times the height at least
vast decaying brick tenements
everything is BRIGHTER
is is bright sunlight, or driving rain like a frank miller page, grim strange fog, howling wind or murderous storms
vast decayed dimension gates rust in the ruined docks
they flicker with impossible dimensions.
there is bleed.
an abandoned lightning tower rises several kilometres in a black line, iron, haloed in a permanent storm. None go there now.
ROBOTS ARE CITIZENS they all have extreme political beliefs, they do not understand nuance
Theme music plays spontaneously when things are cool

There are no combat mecha but there are unlicensed art mecha made by students and mecha flashmobs that go wrong sometimes.
The business district is super art-deco.
There are vast tunnel systems everywhere.
The mersey tunnel keeps going and takes you to America.
Huge art deco ventilation tunnels poke out of the sea ll the way there.
joseph williamsons tunnels are huge and kept going.
ghosts live there and people are friends with the ghosts.
the underworld is down there.
gerry anderson did all the vehicles and all of the organisations are based on his costumes.
the nights are gritty and people smoke standing in crime scenes
aged steampunk industrialists guard the underworld.
the black racer death figure is Robert Stephenson, he sets off from Edge Hill every midnight, riding the original Rocket, taking souls to the underworld.
The supernatural hierarchies are like a 19th century shipping corporation.
the Titanic was a satellite and it crashed.
the wreck is visible from the city, out in the ocean.
Doctor Doom is Isembard Kingdom Brunel.
Bad guys use the hand weapons from 40k, Lasguns, Bolters, Plasma guns that blow up.
the Beatles died fighting god, his corpse orbits the moon, its visible.
Ringo lived.
There is no money
Robbie Coltrane's Cracker runs the police force.

Cops are all anguished as fuck, on the edge EVERY DAY.
No brave man dare refuse a duel.
St Georges Hall has hexagrammic walls, daemons are summoned there.
Streets named after slave traders are invariably haunted, bad things come through there.
Vast glass buildings hold publicly-operated 3d printing maker machines, kids can make whatever they want.
TROUBLE usually.
Thors hammer is actually in Thorstone Park, under the big sandstone hill.
The Wirral is cyberpunk to fuck, everyone is poor or super rich.
The Curse on Sefton park means there you can only fight hand-to-hand, kung-fu homeless live there and can be called on, their ways are not ours.
All of the parks are cursed by the ancient stones beneath them, each curse different.
The Bus-Drivers are combat-trained ex-millitary.
Alan Moore is Dr Strange, he sometimes comes on the train. You have to go to Northampton to consult him.
A giant statue of Harold Wilson is also a hollow research facility for reality-twisting ideas, things go wrong there all the time.
The gigantic catholic cathedral they planned actually got built.
The catholic church has arco-flagellents, half of the priests are secretly into daemons, the other half are tortured heroes.
There was a scouse pope but he went mad and disappeared.
Heists always go down.
Good guys always get framed and have to do heists.
Doing a heist means Putting The Team Back Together.
Lister from Red Dwarf is a cheeky crime lord.
David Mitchells character from peep show is the mayor.
The Hospital is St Darkplace.

The outrushing tide births whitecaps that are the manes of ochre and gold horses washed down as sedimentary mud.
Still times are always raining.
Sean Beans Sharpe has a statue near Chavasse Park.
Noel Chavasse is the phantom stranger, questing endlessly in the underworld against threats no-one else sees.
Jeremiah Horrocks is an eternal time traveller, but only within the city itself, like that ian Sinclair thing.
Scallies can put together scrap technology like Orcs in 40k.
Chester Zoo has one of every animal in the monster manual, brought through the dimension gates when they were working
The economy is fucked.
Fists in daytime, knives at night.
smash a pint glass on his head.
Automatic weapons are about as accurate as the A-Team, civilian casualties are about as common.
But only in the daytime.
At night they are Ronin-accurate.
There are two guys carrying a glass panel across the road.
Boxes might break your fall.
But not at night.
Purple Aki is an invisible and feared legend.
Getting high always goes wrong.
The nights are drawn by Frazier Irving


  1. Spontaneous theme music is probably the best thing ever. It implies someone is watching.

    Someone with taste and a healthy disrespect for life, no less.

  2. On topic: I love this, it has Darkplace. I wrote a hack for Cthulhu Dark, based on Darkplace (no prizes for guessing what I named the hack)

    Off topic: do you have an email contact? I wish to send some paid work your way.