Monday, 27 May 2013

d12 Lamenter Madnesses

Kinds of Madness

Lamenters cause every kind of madness, but if you don’t have any other tables, roll on this one.

1 - EARTH ENGINE. There is an engine of stone that hunts when you close your eyes. You run from its endless shadow. It is the size of a tectonic plate. It flexes and tries to crush you in its curls, you evade it as you are so small.  It knows you and can find you when you wake. It is waiting outside the light to notice your movements.

2 - MODRON FRIENDS. Your friends are Order-knights from a plane of pure reason. They wear human skins and fake the behaviour. But they get it wrong! The patterns are repeating, you have written them down on invisible skin scratches on your forearms that no-one else can read. Run your fingertips up and down the braille-wounds and you can trace the false behaviours. You are the only human one left. Find out what they want and why they are here. You cannot let them know that you know. They will kill you.

3 - VICTIM OF CHARM. You don’t really know these people. Your memories with them are disconnected and don’t make sense. Someone has charmed you with magic. How much is false? Even yesterday’s memories may be fake. Find the secret wizard and kill them and then you will be free. (It won’t be the one that acts like a wizard. They are not that stupid.)

4 - MACHINE INSIDE YOU. Someone has put a device inside you. Sometimes you can feel it under the skin but it moves around. Find it and cut it out.

5 - YOUR VEINS ARE A MAP. The veins on your left inner forearm are a map of this part of the underdark. They will show you how to get where you need to go. The more veins you can see then the better the map. A tourniquet would be a good idea. (GM’s note – there is a 3% chance this is true.)

6 - GHOST LOVER. The ghost of the person you love most is just over there across the Guano field. You need to go and talk to them right now. They can’t hear you. Shout their name. Shout it really loud. You have to make them hear you. They are lost. They need you. Don’t abandon them here, not again. This is your chance to make things right…..  They are around here somewhere.

7 - DEAF PINS. The screaming won’t stop wherever you go. You need to find a pair of pins and put them in your ears. They have to be identical.

8 - CLIMB. You are all going to die here. You need to leave the Underdark right now. The Lamenters know the way out. If you follow them up far enough you can escape. You need to start right now. (If Trogloxene Lamenters there will actually be some kind of access far, far above. Though it may only be accessible via flight.)

9 - SCRY EYE. There is a secret wizard in the heart of the earth. He has implanted a secret scrying eye in the centre of your forehead. He can see everything you do and hear everything you say. It’s invisible and no-one else knows it is there. If he knows you’ve found it then it will detonate like a miniature sun. You must find a way to trick him. Or stab it out of your head in one blow.

10 - ECHO SENSES. It’s taken a while for you to adapt, but now you no-longer need eyes. With a series of high pitched whistles and clicks you can now find your way in the dark like a bat.

11 – THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH. The whole thing is a trick. Now you know why almost no-one escapes the underdark. The way out is down not up. You have to keep going down. Then you will find your way home. Any attempt to go back up just traps you further. Think about it. It turns back on itself. THINK ABOUT IT.

12 - VOICES IN WALLS. It must be some fluke of echo’s or carrying rock but you can just hear a conversation in a nearby cave. That system may be separate from yours but the vibrations carry through. If you press your ear to the stone in special places the voices are quite clear. There are people there. They know you and they hate you. They are talking about all your secrets in the most disgusting way. They really regard you as vile. If you stay still and listen long enough they will give away some important information.

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