Saturday, 4 February 2012

Those things out there.

"Those things, out there, the ones waving spears and throwing rocks. What are they?"


"And what about those things, the other dangerous, murderous little bastards?"


"Right. And those?"


"And that?"

"That's a goblin."

"And these?"

"And all these guys?"

"Goblin goblin goblin, all goblins."

If you live in a fucked up fantasy world where there's a hundred freaky little things trying to kill you, all for their own reasons, and they're all about hip high. Are you really going to carefully work out special little names for them?

I mean people don't even do that for other people. And the nerdy dudes who wanted to hang around working out names for the violent little shits, well they probably got eaten by goblins.

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