Wednesday, 1 February 2012

More More Forge Monsters

When i started the blog I printed out a list. I still can't work out what a 'Thresher Monster' is.

Bleak Zombies
Living dead who grin ecstatically till their skin splits and laugh like the Joker as they stumble after you on broken feet.
Echo Hunter Millipede
Swift, blind, deep dwelling and capable of travelling vast distances under the earth in search of its selected prey. It will track you day and night using cave systems beneath your feet. One day it selects a spot and rears up through the topsoil to deliver its paralysing bite and drag you down beneath the earth. Blasts its prey with powerful single psychedelic images. If they respond in any way then it can use their thoughts to track them. Its like psychic active sonar.
Just describe utterly impossible single images to the player and dare them not to respond. 'You see blue lions exploding from peoples mouths as they speak. What do you do?'
If they respond in any way then the visions start to occur more and more frequently as the millipede gets closer. If they consult a Sage then the Sage tells them about the millipede and tells them not to react to anything strange or impossible they see. Which should be easy for an adventurer.
Jade Monkey
These green-eyed temple-dwelling monkeys are incredibly calm and well mannered. Just having them around chills people out and makes easier to relax and concentrate. For unknown reasons they have hearts of pure Jade. For reasons even more unknown the heart of a Jade monkey is itself in the shape of a monkey.
The stone jade monkey that makes the heart of an actual living jade monkey, if worn around the neck, can guide the bearer through the afterlife and back to their body, thereby raising them from the dead. Once.
Of course anyone wearing a stone Jade monkey had to actually kill a real Jade monkey to get it. Everybody loves Jade monkeys. EVERYBODY. Even vampires and Liches and age old evil gods like them. Even Cthulhu like them. If anyone finds you with a Jade monkey pendant then you will be looked down on by the scum of the earth.
Crystal Dell Worm
It's larval form is a knot of light, like the refraction of moving water through the window. Parents plant it in a living crystal somewhere and fly away as Ultraviolet Moths. The intermediate stage, a worm, is a voracious predator that eats eyes and thoughts. Hollows out the inside and leaves your skull like old paper while you sleep. Then Ultraviolet Moths creep out of your sunken eyeholes and flit away in search of a mate.
The crystal itself is a deadly and subtle assassination weapon, particularly effective against hippies.

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