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Fire on the Velvet Horizon


Not like any monster manual I'd ever read, I was certain, but still of its genus species. That was my expectation. My expectation can fuck off I guess because Fire on the Velvet Horizon is better than me.

Save vs Total Party Kill
Fire on the Velvet Horizon is a monster book, but that description seems reductive. Scrap Princess and Patrick Stuart have produced something very avante garde and truly unique.

Hack & Slash
I read a lot of fiction, and the creativity here is on par with some of the masters. Gene Wolfe displays this kind of creativity in his novels. Borges describes the type of hells these creatures inhabit in passing. McCarthy has the type of poetic turn that takes your mind from where it is and puts it somewhere you are not. This is what the book does.

James Raggi
Patrick Stuart & Scrap PrincessFire on the Velvet Horizon and Rafael Chandler & Gennifer Bone's Lusus Naturae have redefined the monster bestiary for role-playing games and have basically made every single other such book boring, backwards, and useless.

Deep Carbon Observatory 

If you prefer top-down maps, Gus L has created some for this adventure for free. go here to access them.

Bryce Lynch at Ten Foot Pole gave it e very nice review.
GREAT adventure. More than enough content, and the content is VERY easy to build off of.

Robin Zink at RENFIELDS CAT has actually run it.
Basicred RPG
Dungeon of Signs
Save vs Totalpartykill
Hack and Slash
Cauldrons and Clerics
Violent Media

This isn't a review but you might find it interesting

Swords and Stitchery
DCO is at once disturbing and weird, because as I'm reading the pdf the sky is dripping down with rain and history. You see in 1955 my home state of  Connecticut suffered one of its worst disasters so far the flood of  Nineteen Fifty Five!
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In Lamentations Of The Flame Princess silver is the standard currency and gold is rare.

I made this table to decide what the Players found at the end of a dungeon.

With thanks to Neil MacGregor, my girlfriends toys and Guy Deutscher

Roll a D20

  1. Golden compasses and other scientific gear. once well made, now twisted by ignorant hands into the shapes of strange heathen idols.
  2. The forms of tiny animals well wrought in gold, whose species you do not know.
  3. The golden hilts of mighty swords. Steel rotted through and wood expired.
  4. The mummified body of a child-prince wrapped in a golden cloak writ through with strange devices.
  5. A gold salt-shaker with a scene of homosexual and paedophilic ribaldry cast in it. Expensive. Illegal under almost any law.
  6. A bag of rags and bones and at the bottom, a smaller leather sack of gold teeth. Human teeth.
  7. A necklace of amber and gold, and, in the central pendant, what looks like a preserved fly. If they look closer they see, not a fly, but a tiny black Daemon, curled up and caught in the amber.
  8. A wrap of leather and soft paper with several gaudy medals, including a clockwork Chelink diamond spray and a gold and ruby star. One other medal, bronze and worthless, in the shape of a stylised phoenix with the words ‘For Valour’.
  9. A sword-bit helm, black with grime. But on closer examination, the bearded face mask is not bronze, but gold.
  10. A well made crate with the symbol burned off. inside, empty and full of paper wrappings, except for one last wrapped gold bar.
  11. A Faberge Egg containing a scene of duelling wizards, with a clockwork key.
  12. The last Ark of a dead faith. Dust inside, too heavy to lift. Fittings might be worth something.
  13. Gold shadow puppets in the form of daemons and gods with a bronze lamp to cast a shadow with and possibly a silk screen printed with an epic heavenly landscape.
  14. Skull with a jewel hinged jaw.
  15. The Language Glass. The first kind words spoken around this mirror will fall from its surface in forms of feather-light gold like coins falling through clear water. The first angry words said in its presence will break the mirror. Do not tell the PC’s any of this.
  16. Gold Totoro. This plump, friendly, smiling animal cast in gold sits heavily in the palm. It has a diamond tail. If the tail is pulled then a silver chain extends. As it automatically retracts the animal makes a happy thrumming.
  17. A carefully wrapped letter. The letter begs for the life of a criminal, (roll random criminal) on the behalf of a noble (roll random noble). The execution is taking place in the closest town. The letter is dated a month ago, the execution is tomorrow. A fabulously beautiful gold & diamond ring is included. Clearly a bribe.
  18. Saints-bone chess set.
  19. The eye of a hurricane. Set in a storm-wracked hand sized opal. Listen closely and you can hear the hurricane inside. (Don't spin it!)
  20. No treasure, but an outrageous piece of blackmail about the worlds most powerful, roll a D4
    1. Wizard
    2. Priest
    3. Criminal
    4. Warrior
All you have to do now is extort the cash, and live.

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