Thursday, 8 September 2011

Encounters in the Corridor

There is a strand of Afghanistan shaped as a buffer between two competing empires. A long finger of road reaching out in the mountainous region between Tajikistan and Pakistan.
It used to hold the only direct road from Afghanistan to China, but the border has been closed for some time and now the abandoned road leads nowhere.

I saw this on a map and was enraptured by the thin, strange tentacle of land. I decided to set my games there, or at least, in it's geography if not in our reality.

I threw in lots of ideas from other people. I have linked where is seemed appropriate. 

I still don't know what a Daemon of mathematics is or why they are hunted but I do know you catch one on a mobius strip of paper that hangs from a spiderthread inside an empty jar.

Random Encounters in the Wakhan Corridor

  1. Tabir Salil foot courier.
  2. D6 Wild pack scarabs
  3. 3D8 Maggot people writhe from the soil if the party rests on earthen ground at night.
  4. D6 Skeleton Killers
  5. A Daemon of Mathematics scratching itself along on the ground. (Wild Theorem.)
  6. Ambush! D8 Guerrilla War Chimps.
  7. Secret Badass. Roll Twice.

Looks Like
But Secretly Is
1. Old Woman
1. Jason Bourne-style ultra spy, on the run from organisation of the same.
2. Ancient Man
2. Level ten wizard who has sworn never to do evil and has been cursed never to be seen to do good.
3. Juggler/Clown
3. Totally insane serial killer
4. Total Idiot
4. Kung-Fu master whose hands are D8 weapons. Party level plus D4. Will try to stop any violence, by anyone, against anything. Will never kill but only knock-out.
5. Lost young girl/boy
5. Vampire who will drink once from one of the party as they sleep and then move on, never to be seen again.
6. Craftsman, or Doctor or Priest. Of whatever kind the party needs most.
6. Ghost but doesn’t know it. Carrying a terrible wound beneath clothes. Will lead party to scene of own murder and grow afraid when no evidence is found.

  1. The Hours duelling as they pass.
  2. A party of mildly decadent elves passing in a small apartment grown into the shell of a vast tortoise.
  3. A thriving tavern built inside a decayed concrete building from the future.
  4. Ulfire Carcosan Sorcerer in Palanquin with Dolm servants and a 1hp Spawn of Shub Niggerauth on a lead.
  5. Mass courier for the Tabir Salil. Iridescent Pack Scarab loaded with dreams.
  6. Cleric of Vorn. Party level plus D6. On a mission directly related to the last intelligent thing the PC’s killed.
  7. Arkady Babchanko, a traumatised but effective lvl 4 contract soldier looking for a new life in the wilderness.
  8. Theorem tracker from ‘The Grey Lady’. Vornheim’s best University.
  9. Ant Attack! D100 Ants which are, roll a D6

1-2 Normal sized,
3-4 Dog sized (1hp),
5 Man Sized (1 D6 hd each) or
6 Horse Sized (2 D8 hd each)

  1. A strange distance in the view. The road empties. The landscape seems featureless. You fill with fear, yet for no discernible cause. Look into the sky and name five shapes of clouds that you can see or lose D4 hp till next rest due to stress and loneliness.
  2. Ruined ground and a knot of the sorrowful dead, D8.
  3. Millipede wagon trader from, roll a D4
    1. Otherpool
  4. Climate Hawk feeding on the body of a, roll a D6
    1. Man
    2. Goat
    3. Scarab
    4. Mantis in full harness
    5. War Chimp
    6. Tortoise-House

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