Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Frost Squid

O.K, I made a new thing for this from this plus I have had some Gins so spellcheck is working overtime.

I ignored stats that are not interesting or that you can make up for yourself.

Frost Squid

Frequency: Rare
AC: Pretty high, they can fly and are hard to see
Hit Dice : 3 probably
Treasure: None
Intelligence: non human but a bit freaky
Gently writhing translucent flying squid. Almost invisible in direct sunlight and at night . Therefore much more deadly in midday and midnight than in the changeable rays that bracket the day.

Named not for its temperature or appearance but for it's apparent motivation. The innocent Frost Squid is adapted for hunting in an abyssal space without light or sound and is drawn by expulsions of sadness and despair.

This means that in our world, the Frost Squid is drawn aggressively towards those who have suffered recent bereavement, the survivors of battles and disasters, parted or abandoned lovers and the generally depressed.

Which means that for most victims, things have already gone wrong, they are as low as they will get and are questioning the meaning of life itself.

Then they get attacked by a fucking flying invisible squid.

Frost Squid are sometimes kept by bastards for amusement.

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