Wednesday, 7 September 2022


Yo! I am selling my onlyremaining copy of Veins of the Earth on ebay,

no shade - I just NEED THE MONEY

You can look on ebay here

If you win and want it signed or a message or something let me know and I will do so

I am selling a bunch of other stuff but, other than VotE, its all within the UK only. Mainly its Warhammer stuff. HOWEVER, as a reward for reading this far I will tell you a mysterious truth - somebody sent me anonymous pornography


I was sent a full set of the 'Hardcover' collection from Editions Cauderette

with no reason, for free

I couldn't work out if this was a mistake as I ordered something else from them around a similar time

or did they send it to me for review or something because of my radical boomer takes on freeze peach or whatever? If you did I am sorry but I did not have the nerve to review it, I just hid it on a shelf. 

Anyway, this is also for sale but UK only as god knows what the laws are about this sort of thing.

Also I realise no-one will ever believe me about "they just sent me porn for no reason". Once I was fucking about with wood glue to try and base a mini and was having a nightmare of a time trying to get it to fit, heard a knock at the door and I opened it in t shirt and shorts, red, sweaty and stained with white wood glue. It was the postman. I even said out loud "Its wood glue! I'm gluing something..." but I can see he didn't believe me and I expect neither will you. Such is life.


  1. Will you be able to republish Veins at some point? Do you have the rights to it?

    1. We have the rights to the text and images. Scrap and I will re-make it and do a new version at some point but right now our schedule is jammed with stuff we are trying to get out of the way.

  2. 'I was sent a full set of the 'Hardcover' collection from Editions Cauderette'

    This is a curious level of internet fame. Or possibly the inciting incident of some piece of terminally-online Gen-Z noir.

  3. Bahaha I wish I could say it was me. A conversation piece, perhaps

  4. No, no more nose candy for you!

  5. Wood glue. Ok. Filed away in case that one should ever prove useful.

  6. Which sites that sell your junk actually send you a decent profit?

    Also, why is your patreon so hard to find? Jerk