Sunday, 16 August 2020

Secret Sunday Whisper-Post

 Something of a miscellany, a secret post, not shared to Facebook or Twitter, for YOU the elect, the TRUE FANNNNNS.

Growth, a Return, an Exchange and a Goose.


A lot more of the World Building I have been doing for Eldritch Foundry has been, and is being, added to the WORLD ANVIL page.

In particular, if you click 'Realms of Uud' and 'Blackwater, there is now quite a lot of stuff there, some of which I think was never blogged.


Behold, the worlds only combined Scouseploitation and OSR meme, my greatest work and all that shall survive me in the end;


At the borders of two Eldritch Realms (non copyright) the white-armoured Knights of the extremely ultra-secret Ordinis Lunam Silens and the masked figures of the Inquisitors Guild eye each other, presumably suspiciously though its hard to tell with everyone helmed and masked.

AYE, the Knights of Eklipsis (that half done setting from 2016 that everyone seemed to like) shall ride (or at least walk), in Zyan, the City of Wishery.

Will the Lunar demiurge Setebos make an unexpected guest appearance? 

Joseph Urban (May 26, 1872 – July 10, 1933) 

Yes He will.

And finally.


This is nowhere near being a complete, or even playable game, but it does at least arrange all the information in something that looks a little more like what a game would eventually looks like = GRAMMAR.


  1. 'A forgotten soul blogging silently, alone on a dead platform...'
    Well, now I have a tagline.

    I'm going to have to carve some of this onto a slab and take it to Salisbury Plain to confuse druids, Challenger tanks and everything in between.

    That aside, I'm going to have to go back to The Magician's Nephew and see how to apply that to Goose-Gold and Goblins.

    1. As promised...

  2. Any news on BFR? You must be busy with more recent projects, but this post seems appropriate to ask about it.

    1. It is still happening. Will take a while. Probably be three books either KS together or done over three years to keep me sane. Expect something hopefully towards the end of this year

  3. You're not completely alone anyway.

    And I've got a lantern.

  4. The meme delighted me.

    I think escapes are a thematically appropriate resource.

    The cloth mansion... just outstanding. And the crab lockets.
    And the foldable dog.
    Reading this I’m getting nostalgic for Miyazaki movies that have never been made.

    If I could suggest something for shintoboxing, urbanites could roughly stack the manifestations of meaningful parts of their cities into some kind of castle, multilevel train station/transit hub, megaplex, or other superstructure in the mode of Spirited Away or Moving Castle. Unusual and distinct businesses from their youth, alleys, unguarded warehouse districts, friends’ houses, adult offices, gardens. The wilds around the city, too.

    Your spirits were inspiring because they imparted an extreme sense of place. The effect is powerful because you can sense how personal it is.
    Looking at it from the outside, that feeling of place and the sense of Your belonging was so strong, it might solve the meaning-through-context issue a little bit starting out. It’s easy to understand the value of the place by drawing parallels with your own, although of course I imagine you’d hope players create their own region for maximum personal effect, so you can assume that if Shinto Cumbria is worth tending to and wandering, generally most people’s output will be similarly meaningful to them.

    I’m from Seattle and instead of geese as a unit of value we’d have blackberries. The precious ones would have beads of emerald, then ruby, then black pearl, then tar according to their ripeness and the season. The physical structure around which the plot is oriented would be like a watery, gray but bright, stone temple whose purpose has been forgot, beautiful and prosperous but haunted by whispering shades that sow meaninglessness and heartache into people’s dreams, like bitter shreds of a fallen tutelary deity.
    The wilderness is dark, dark, and while the blackberries are a source of life in the woods and especially by the roads, their vines act like boa constrictors if you try to cross the deep without permission or a plan. The rain spirits clean the temple but are like banshees who hunger for your warmth in the forests, and will suck it away completely if they can wet you. I’d like to think more about spirits with specific personalities but I think that will do.

    I love the stealth rules. It’s true that having to whisper lends a heightened atmosphere in reality

    Maybe the Moon Goblin is somehow of the same race as the others but *looks* like a beautiful waif who you’d like to help but would never accept your love. Can be stumbled upon in glades, but making yourself known is dangerous. Drive men into a self-destructive werewolf-state of forlorn desire and women into an oracular fever of disturbing but unfalsifiable allegorical visions

    Love the monster list, esp the sticky mimic

    Good insight about how much knowledge has to underlie a crisp system

    Very interesting notion about courtesy

    Delighted about page 64!

    Next on the agenda once I get some free time is a one-off set in the Blood Bowl universe, and something based on this.

  5. I am very glad to hear all of the news, especially more of Uud and Eclipse Knights.

  6. Very excited to one day Goosemaster a game of GG&G for my newborn daughter.

  7. A good inspiration for your soft dnd would be the show "Hilda" on netflix to get something more than Ghibli. Cheers!