Saturday, 16 May 2020

DCO - Remastered Pre-Orders are Open

Deep Carbon Observatory is being printed now.

Should be delivered to Spiral Galaxy Games within two weeks.

Spiral Galaxy say they expect to start shipping out in the week of the 15th of June.

SO - I am opening pre-orders for the book

Click the text or images below to...

Pre-Order the Hardcopy Book

Deep Carbon Observatory - REMASTERED

ANDGo to the False Machine PDF site

Download the Free Maps Pack

They are free to all!
You all complained about the maps, well here you go.
And here are Dirks original versions if you want to use those.

Freely Grasp the FEAST OF BUKAKO

All the spells mentioned in Deep Carbon Observatory
in fresh level-less form!
By Brendan S of Necropraxis!

Buy the new PDF

We got bookmarks, layers so you can turn the maps & images on and off
no DRM
interlinking throughout
and we compressed it to make it manageable.


If you prefer 'DCO-Lite' you can download this for free
or whatever you think its worth.

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