Friday, 29 March 2019

I seek the Brighthammer.

(It's at times like this that I really miss G+)

Have any of the people who paint in super-bright colours, like Louise Sugden, ever released painting guides, how-to's or just any general commentary or advice about painting minis REALLY BRIGHTLY?




  1. I'm not familiar with any of those artists, And my paintjobs are the epitome of dull. But some thoughts on what I'd do if I was going for that super-intense super-saturated look:

    Start from a white undercoat. Anything else will dull your results down.

    Go for primary colours, and with the highest pigment quality you can get hold of. I would expect any premixed paints to be duller than a paint that is 100% a single pigment plus binder. I suspect you'd get more intense results from high quality artist's acrylics than any miniature paint brand.

    Stay away from premade washes. Mixing your own glazes and ink washes will preserve more of the colour intensity.

    Those are the assumptions I'd start out from at least. Best of luck!

  2. Stick 'em up your bum and then use noisms' sanctified white acrylic for highlights. Nothing is brighter than pious noisms white, nothing murkier than your prose.

  3. I just saw this blog post: