Thursday, 7 February 2019

Twenty Things in Ganglia Moor

I am still doing these, though fitfully. I am somewhat ashamed of my own limited ability to create at the moment. This was originally meant to be a generator of sorts but I couldn't get it to work so now you get a list.

Based in this post from, nearly five years ago.

1. Oobon the Chasm-Cat has a team of icelings down in its chasm who arrive at the last minute to clean the site, returning everything to normal. Oobon has a deep voice and gives you a wink as it says 'good day' and leaps away.

2. A prisoner exchange between Despair and Hell.

3. A plot to steal the souls of aborted children from the abortion tree and let them float up into materiality where they can be raised by wolves to become the founders of nations.

4. The Hell-Duke called 'Child-Furnace' a scarred tiger the size of a house, mouth a barred iron furnace, breathes out smoky flame, speaks with the voices of those dying, being tortured inside, is plotting with Despair to impact Earth with a suicide-ghost anti-planet to trigger mass die-offs.

5. Despairs 'nok list' of possible near suicides.

6. The Despair Archon Cylix of the Nine Unendings - a snow winged bird of infinite paleness and feathers that attenuate but never end, is putting a team of devils and despairlings to assassinate a high-level angel on earth.

7. A murder amongst the Ice-Elves and footprints in the ice changing shape as they walk, indicate
A shape-shifter in the snow - footprints changing shape as they walk

8. The Devil 'Flail of Innocents', a figure sculpted from frozen blood shed only from innocent victims, suspects Ganglia Moor, you must plant information in Hell that implicates them, thereby removing them.

9. A troupe of stone-masked snail-bodied fugueadors draped in ash and tarnished heraldry turn over their shells to reveal they are actually disguised attack-form Elohim; burning wheels with nuclear Cherenkov eyes like crazed mosaics.

10. Heaven gets involved half-way through. They are taking over this operation and are massive Chads.

11. Impersonate hell-agents in reality to trick Archons of Despair into running a heist on hell for souls, then double cross them and take the souls.

12. You must assassinate the Despair Archon Alouquaan - lady of veils, a ring of grey-white glass endlessly wheeling like a serpent buting its own tail. Things seen through the ring are terrible. In such a way *that no-one knows has taken place* either make it look like an accident or suicide, of fool them so badly that they willingly co-operate.

13. Agents from Heaven (holy angel insects in pearlescent levitating bug shells) are meeting with Hell Agents (bright-eyes wrathful dreams of hungry murder trapped like black jellyfish inside long coats.  Pull a cross-simulation in which both sets of agents meet with your people when they beleive they are meeting with each other, so you can stop, or provoke, a war.

14. It was all a symphony from the great influencing machine - a fugue of Abrahamic moral complexity with, presumably, a sad but meaningful end.

15. The Demon-Queen 'Quintessence of Castrations' has the body of a woman but a face of glass, like a window, inside a fly, huge like a fat old man, thuds against the glass from the other side. She possesses a sheet of music designed to re-program the influencing machine. You must get it off her, while allowing her to think she has brought it to the machine and successfully used it.

16. The main antagonist was actually Lord Rath-Loken in disguise (its why they would only communicate through bells with the voices of men and shifting silver sand.) They were setting up the minor antagonist, who is actually bad and who is now screwed.

17. You must encounter, Hthssavah - She Unsleeping, a tear in space to a dimension of fog-winged butterflies being pulled, screaming, in vast tornadoes into a black hole, and lose information to them indicating that Hell has a deep-level mole in Despair. (In fact this actually targets Despairs main counter-intel thoughtform, who is currently on the trail of our, actual mole.

18. Things just got a lot more difficult, God has changed sides, and he is on the scene.

19. Simulate the total annihilation of some doomed souls so they can be stolen from Tiska of the Pierced Eye, a demon corpse spider made from slack grinning bodies that must endlessly replace its own limbs, so that no-one comes looking for them.

20. A message caught by the Caliphs of Wire leads to a  deep-cover infiltration of Hell. But its a double-cross, the Illuminati of Despair have an army of 1000 Ptranodron shame-elementals with wings of shimmering lace like wind on winter water melting into smears of mud, and they are only waiting for a chance to launch their invasion.


  1. I really love Ganglia Moor, it’s one of the first things I read on your blog. Great to see more of it.

  2. This one went a little abstract for me but I love it! If you are still taking requests, I'd love to hear more about what you would do for a dark elves source book or more about the Navigators of Nox or the sea they navigate.

    1. Thank you Micheal. I'm sorry but I am not taking any more requests. I'm actually having trouble getting through the ones I actually have and I'm a bit worried that my quality is dropping. I'm finding it hard to concentrate and get things done.

    2. Patrick, off topic. I want to expound upon “the lume” and explain what it is. Since it’s your original idea in a product that you sell for money, I’m asking for your permission first.

    3. Scott - sure. Knock yourself out. Just put a thing at the beginning saying that it's your own point of view etc.

  3. I haven't noticed any drop in quality, but I also unironically enjoy anime OPs so grains of salt.

  4. This is interesting, the only thing I'm unsure about is what is the Plane of Despair. From broader cultural context I have an immediate understanding of Hell, but for Despair all I grok is that it's something planscapey.

  5. Thank you very much, Patrick. Despite all other wonderful works, Ganglia Moor was the first time when the impact of your writing left me sitting speechless over the open pages; this didn't change ever since. In any tired, unjust, terrible abyssal worlds I travel, there is always a place for this city.