Tuesday, 4 December 2018

The Stolen Skin of Sun - Princess Wren

The person who does the quote is sick, so apparently we are waiting on that.

Bit of a cheat today but here's the final NPC for Part Three that K asked for.

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Part Two Here 

NPC's for Part Three Here 

She is always attended by Flamenco Princes. They surround an apparent girl-sized marionette dressed in a beautiful green silk dress, with long gloves over the arms, a high collar and hidden feet. A wide hat with a thick 360 degree veil.

The attendants have sticks and quickly and easily move the limbs of Princess Wren to illustrate her moods and desires. When she needs to move they gently push her and a rhythmic squeaking comes from below as she smoothly gusts about.

When not doing this the Flamingos discuss the most ridiculous and inane things with utmost seriousness and give you side-eye as if they had caught you listening in.

The Princess cannot look you directly in the eye, she has to look away from you and meet your gaze in a special mirror held up by one of her attendants. One pulls up the veil as another pokes her body to turn away and her reflection smiles at you.

She has fine features, like flower stems binding under dew-heavy cobwebs. She would be ethereal if she were not so very brown - extremely tan indeed, with symmetrical archipelagos of freckles leading her nose, which is sharp as a slice of cake.

Bright, lively eyes the colour of autumn leaves that flash back and forth seeming either humorous or sad, or both.

She sings everything she says, like a flute pronouncing words, though her voice is very beautiful and high. If she has to speak and great deal then the attendants close the veil and you can hear her panting inside, very quickly.

What Can She Do? - Her dad is the King of Birds so she can ruin your reputation with all birds forever. It's largely a status thing, she has few direct powers. The only person not slightly afraid of this is Queen Mab.

Why Does She Want The Skin? - "Oh to be a real, I mean, more real girl, and a Real Princess! Even if only for a little while. I would pay any price - and to have a beau to bring me food and build me a house! Just like the stories!

I get so tired of speaking to people in a mirror."

Likes - Lord Blue Beard; "What a strange and shining man. So full of ultraviolet light. Think of the worms in his fields - how downy his bed must be. How smooth and round his offspring will be."

Hates - Queen Mab; "Ugh! What a stupid mad hag, full of airs and lying thoughts. Who died and made her Queen? Saturn, that's who, and he cut his own head off "by mistake" while sharpening his scythe. If you believe that I've got an owl to sell you.

Weakness - Is actually just a wren in a cage. Also, has a moral centre and probably quite easy to persuade to not buy the skin if you tell her about Princess Sun. (Though if she does end up with it, she will not surrender it.)

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