Friday, 26 February 2016

Is this insane?

I can't work out if this is a crazy way to describe a room or not.

What’s in here ?

West Wall; Map of zone core.
North Wall; Bad abstract painting.

Window; looks out on vault.
NW Corner;
Shaving kit (if male)
NE Corner;
Ceramic knife letter opener
Financial report (good)
Fire safety reports (bad)
Wardrobe with high status clothes
Shoes with raised heels

SW Corner;
Bath heated by wood-burning stove
 Soft rug

SE Corner;
Smiling Glass Girl

East wall; Ceramic fragment warrior kneeling and presenting hilt of blade to opening gates of fire.
Hook on the door;
expensive coat,
under that; crossbow
& quiver of bolts.

Under the Bed; Go-bag with high-status clothes, low-status clothes,  200gp, 500 in gems, mini-crossbow, handful of bolts, 3 bolts of dispellment, passports or proofs of fealty with 3 closest civilised nations, endothermic gem.
South wall; Map of zone (Press the core and opens as secret entry to office).

(I should note, in the primary version the writing on the window and wall descriptions runs up and down the page so the 'walls' are thinner.)

Also: Look, Nick Alexander over at Daayan Songs Translated is still doing FotVH stats. Feel free to assist if you like.

Also; should hopefully have FotVH up on RPG.NOW soonish.

Also; will have Zine-esque blog collection up on there soon too. (It's like a Zine that comes out once every five years.)


  1. Honestly, I took forever to get round to writing those last two up. All I wasn't (typo, but I quite like it) for Christmas, is to be some kind of polymath. In tbe meantime, I'm clinging to the story of the hare and the tortoise.

    As for the above? I think it might take some getting used to, but I imagine the proof is in the pudding. Probably play test time...if possible. It's certainly a more fun way to efficiently describe a room than the Stonehell method. But more efficient? I'm not decided. I'll give it a go when I run tomorrow night.

  2. i'm not sure i understand the room map/description at all? it seems like east and west have switched with each other. it's intriguing but i'm not sure what to make of it

  3. I think it's a really cool way to lay out all this information spatially - I assume it means the Door is on the West wall (on the Southern end of it), and that Window is on the Eastern wall, etc.

    I think the only drawback to this is, if you only had this as your notes for the room, you almost need a 'what's apparent' list or description so you don't overwhelm the players. Some things are obviously not apparent (go-bag, crossbow under the coat) but lots of it is, and because there's a lot of detail, I imagine you could easily err on the side of overwhelming the players with information. On the other hand, it's, what, the desk, bed, wardrobe, glass girl, tub, and mirror/grooming area with a sink. Not too crazy. Maybe put in italics things that would 'jump out' at the players (ie the big obvious things) and let in more detail depending on where they go from there.

    In short, this is awesome.

  4. This would be much easier to process if it was an actual picture of the room (I mean, a top-down illustration). Things that it isn't obvious what they are from looking at the picture could be labelled. Maybe the picture could be given to the players? Then more detailed descriptions and lists of stuff can be in the room key.

    As it is, I do think it's crazy.