Sunday, 4 October 2015

Podecast 4 - Bees

Scrap and I try to talk coherently for an hour about Bees, with a debateable level of success.


1.20 Scrap starts rambling about chromosomes
(seriously, think about skipping this part)
4.26 Gives up on that and starts again. Begins a very dark story about Bees.

8.00 King Arthur and Bees

9.55 The Demiplane of British History

13.25 Brief ramble here

13.40 Other Planes, verticality

14.50 Hook Birds

15.25 Dinosauroids -

15.35 The first few issues of Prophet.

(I think these are in fact the same guy.)

16.35 "Bees, have to get this back to bees.."

17.20 Evolution of pollen, and therefore bees.

17.45 Exploiting colony organisms. Pretending to be ants.

20.10 We are colony organisms.

21.20 The nihilism of not cleaning your room.

21.45 Emergency coping mechanisms.

23.09 Sudden change in conversation due to girlfriend interruption. The Death of Avril Lavigne.

24.24 Schizophrenia. The voices are probably real. Believing you are in the matrix.

26.13 "That's kind-of like a hive.."

26.45 In stories no-one can ever be competent.

28.15 Destroying a city with super-speed.

30.15 The delay between conception and creation.

31.00 Cut-Up

31.55 OSR trailer advancement.

32.50 "One day we'll set fire to parts of Dunedin."

33.48 Another cut here - Napoleon liked Bees.

34.42 Playing Cinderella

34.32 "You need skin"

36.00 More Hook Birds. (Free BFR development meeting discussion. Welcome to the idea factory people.)

40.20 Three minutes to survive a nuclear war.

41.30 Segue back to Bees.

41.35 Scraps adventure with a Beehive.

46.40 Bee-Knights vs Ape-Godzilla.

47.30 "Did Godzilla fight anything Ape-like?

49.48 Fighting all your enemies at once.

51.30 What does Matt Damon look like; a Ryan Gosling Chibi.

53.00 Jewel Thieves in 80's films. (I'm pretty sure jewels do play a large part right at the end of The Goonies.)

55.00 The strangeness of murder in civilised fiction.

56.45 Broadchurch.

58.00 The unity of actors across series.

59.20 "You're not in Guatemala now Doctor Ropata."

60.1.30 Bullying in british comics.

60.05.00 Scraps earliest reading memories. 2000 AD,

60.06.50 Feeling 'fucked up inside'.

The sound of my laughter

is always

the same.


  1. oh god you left me failing to remember how hymenptera chromonsones work for 5 minutes of terrible

  2. Temuera Morrison and some of his legacy to Aotearoa's cultural identity

    (also note someone being called a faarcking egg and it's fucking dark , violent scene)
    (also there is the big thing about how in the book Once Were Warriors there is no Uncle Bully, the abuser is implied heavily to be Jake, who can never remember if he did or not.)

  3. The rambling is good and dense with riches.

    -Reciprocal altruism is the prisoner's dilemma, societies and colonies of organisms have a vested interest in embedding themselves deep in inextricable tangles of interdependence. This is how the criminal organisations that are the prototypes of all societies work: everyone must be tainted by everyone else's crime so that it is impossible to defect.

    -Insectoid Morte D'Arthur works, exoskeletons and armour and whatever Victorian naturalist said words to the effect of there is carnage in the meadow where the insects strive and slaughter (probs Darwin).

    -Demiplane of British Myth is good. Do the Arthurs war among themselves for supremacy? Are there hitherto unthought-of Arthurs there also? 23rd-Century North-Korean versions where Arthur is conflated with Kim Jong-Un ? Bumblebee Arthurs etc.?

    -RE: Schizophrenia/Avril Lavigne and the inevitability of coming to the wrong conclusion. There is a very interesting mechanism or series of mechanisms at play where it seems to be impossible to be able to objectively assess what is caused by internal neurological damage. I don't know if this has a name but there is a phenomenon called Capgras Delusion that causes the sufferer to believe a loved one is an impostor. This apparently happens when the temporal cortex involved in recognition is somehow disconnected from the limbic system involved in emotional response so the individual recognises the loved one but doesn't feel the warm surge of emotion and is forced to adopt a deluded belief that it isn't the person but an impostor.

    Bird mimicry idea: The sound of an apocalyptic civilisation collapse is recorded in birdsong and passes down through generations: the chanting of the priests, the shrieking of the victims and the bellowing of demons, still to be heard among the ruins centuries later. Also a blackbird familiar that can go out and record the plans of enemies.

    - These Breughel beekeepers but with Killer bee hives;

    - Bees and ants are just specialised wasps, which is kinda counter-intuitive because of how it seems natural to think of ants as being somehow fundamental. Really wasps are a paraphyletic clade like reptiles and lizards are. They refuse to acknowledge the existence of the schisms that led to ant lineages and bee lineages.

    1. I think we would have all the Arthurs on the same plane. Like, every king is Arthur. But I'm not sure how they interact.