Saturday, 11 July 2015

Three common design solutions

We've all had those sticky moments in adventure design where nothing seems to be working out. well don't despair, if you are having trouble just try one of these these common solutions.

1. Add a Fuckedupness level.

Head of Zone Fuckedupness is, of course, always Maximum

2. Add Cephelophants.

3. Add a Third Gender and Make Them Fight

Gender-Typical Fighting Styles:

Men tend to fight like European knights. They wear heavy carefully-made suits of self-created Ceramic armour, usually carry shields and prefer mass-impact weapons.

Men traverse slowly, wearing down their opponents. They are rarely willing to fight unarmoured.
Missing an armoured male in combat usually means you actually made contact but your blow was repelled from or slid off their armour or shield.

Women fight like samurai. They prefer edged weapons and they win great status for delivering a single clean killing blow. Their battles often involve long pauses and very sudden crossing attacks.
They may fight armoured but woman-on-woman duels are often fought without armour to speed up the result.

Missing a woman usually means that she parried the blow, (they are weapon masters), or simply moved a minimal distance out of the way.

Solum fight with gymnastic, acrobatic kung-fu. They are always moving in and out in a constant and unpredictable dance. They are most likely to make use of the third dimension in a duel, or to bring in elements of the environment.

They wear minimal armour and prefer complex, somewhat exotic weapons two-handed like spiked chains or nunchuks. Missing a solum means they probably danced utterly out of your way.

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