Sunday, 12 October 2014

Velvet Horizons Encounters

1. In a place near a bend of the river of Or, each night when the sun sets, the mothers walk out of the houses and into the river and drown. They say a song is heard those nights.

2. Swamp Drunks of the Melanic moors are spouting off wild rumours of a mirror world upside down beneath the swamp where light is dark and dark is light and an army gathers invisiblly with brittle green blades.

3. A man discusses dinners with a Bug.

4. An ash-blind hobo stumbles out of the dark and offers you a dungeon map inside a Lizards tail, he says you have to eat it now as yellow ones are on their way.

5. A rogue begs for aid, as reward he offers to tatoo you with the tonge of an invisible beast he keeps in what looks like an epty cage, "very useful" he says.

6. A Mazarine Mage treks across the Haematic Sands, gaing into the night sky, following a constellation he is certain moves against the rest.

7. Monks of St Cephalos run towards you screaming "Duck!"

8. The folk of Burnet villiage say they met an ancient naked king when a beast saw a lightning bolt and vomited him up.

9. You hear a deep voice talking to owls somewhere in the desert scrub.

10. A man with feathered arms offers you an object that you need inside a dream.

11. A stone head billowing flame demands your name, and that of your house.

12. A scholar of Badious hill is offering extraordinary sums for fresh electrical eels.

13. The folk of Argent Town have suffered grevious wounds, the place is wrecked but they all deny anything is wrong at all, a nacreous cloud flees.

14. A cow ridden by red bugs and wearing pirate flags approaches, they threaten to board you.

15. The (2nd) Chancellor of Jukai has raised a famous bounty on the retrieval of a tiny spider 'with a piping voice', stolen by some pigeons in the night. The price is doubled if the birds are killed.

16. The (1st) Chancellor of Jukai is offering a kings ransom for the pelt of an Imperator Ape . The Ritual Cloak of the city government is several hundred years old and needs replacing. Everyone you speak to says the offer is too low.

17. A hero stalks towards you bearing a strange black spear, they carry a lit lamp and peer about as if it were dark. They say they have serious business with a monster that will be born from the earth at a particular time, but they are late and it is far.

18. A woman weeps by the body of a hanging man, she says a deamon bit him and took his manhood.

19. A trader rumbles past with a cartfull of young girls, he says the girls are sick and he is taking them to be cured, but he will say no more. All of their hair is dark.

20. You reach into your pocket and find a rank bestail hand, it closes around yours.

21. A minstrel sang to you about "a pale salamandrine thing", since then you have dreamt of it every night, and your dreams are cold.

22. A cloud of women fall out of the cool night sky and offer to serve.

23. Someone went climbing where the lights shine through the high falls at night, they were gone for a long time and when they came back it wasnt them.

24. A team of rival adventurers, hunting each other to death, they tell you that a song has changed their fate and only one can be fulfilled.

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