Sunday 4 March 2012

They Must Be Fought

Jeff Rients posted about a D&D world where the only gods were the Evil Boss-Monsters from the Fiend Folio.

Lolth - Spider Queen of Demons
Cryonax - Prince of Freezing Blood and Shattering Ice
Imix - Prince of All-Consuming Flame
Ogrémoch -Prince of Crushing Stone
Olhydra - Princess of the Drowning Waters
Yan-C-Bin - Invisible Prince of Thunder and Lightning
Ssendam - Lord of Insanity
Ygorl - Lord of Entropy

For some reason I started thinking about this Quote from Dr Who -
'Some corners of the Universe have bred the most terrible things, things that stand against everything we believe in. They must be fought.'

Then I thought about dark heroes in a world ruled by evil gods. Roguish bastards putting cold steel between the people and the gods that would destroy them. And about sanity points and stuff like that. Then I thought about the horror of trying to be honourable in a world where the only gods are bad. It sounds fucking awesome.

Then I thought about saving throws and how little sense they make.

Saving Throws

Poison or Death
Petrify or Paralyse
Wands or Device
Magic or Spells

They stand between the PC and death, but what do they represent? They are totally disconnected from the stats, chilling out there on the side of the character sheet, so it can't be that. So I came up with this.

Breath – the favour of Olhydra
Poison or Death – the boon of Yan-C-Bin
Petrify or Paralyse – the eye of Ygorl
Wands or Device - the favour of Lolth
Magic or Spells – the word of Ssendam

Will you serve the gods and gain their favour?


I will call it 'Swords Against Madness' or 'They Must Be Fought'


  1. I believe in you Patrick! You can make this!

  2. I realize this is old as hell, but the saving throw idea here is fucking awesome.