Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Worlds Smallest Players Handbook

There was a competition on the Internet to produce one-page dungeons. You can find the winners here.

Many are excellent. A man who blogs here. Created a dungeon that is a Pocketmod. That's an A4 page that is folded up to make a mini-booklet smaller than your hand.

The guide on how to fold a pocketmod after printing it out is here. You can also download software to make your own.

I thought this was an excellent idea. I started to wonder if you could carry a portable game of D&D in your wallet. Just enough for you play one game with people who had never played before.

So I created the Worlds Smallest Players Handbook.

You can find a link on the right. The idea is that you could print out three of these and one copy of 'Citadel of Evil' and along with 3 D6, 1 D20 and a pencil, you would have everything you need to play a game of D&D.

The handbook is far from perfect. It uses a stripped down version of LOTFP. It assumes an AC of 12 for everything, 1D6 hit points for everything and 1D6 damage for everything. It also assumes the DM can walk-through character gen and do a fair amount of improvisation as well.

The handbook isn't tuned for Citadel of Evil but hopefully could be used with any of the One Page Dungeons.

It is mainly made out of combining the ideas of Stuart Robertson from the Strange Magic blog and James Raggi who made LOTFP. 

I also nicked most of the images from here.

It's also untested and a bit ugly. I'm sure anyone with any experience in game design or graphic design could make a much better version. If anyone should want the original files to hack them up then let me know and I will put up a link.


  1. I tested it. Everyone died. Less Spiders next time.

  2. Hello Patrick, I'd like to take a look to your Worlds Smallest Players Handbook but I can't find the download link. I know this is from 2011 (ages ago) but maybe you still have it somewhere? Thanks!

    1. I'm so sorry, I think it might be permanently lost. I had to do a lot of cleaning out between computers and it must have got deleted. I can't find it on google drive either.

    2. What a shame. Do you mind if I ask on the internet if someone still has it saved somewhere?